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The Hylunäric Chronicles

The Hylunaric Buzz: Why the TYPE of Hyaluronic Acid Matters!

by Nikola Saric 29 Sep 2023

Hello, beauty buffs!

Ever wonder why some skincare products make you go, "Wowza!" while others make you shrug and think, "Meh?" 

Well, strap in, because today, we're diving deep into the universe of hyaluronic acid (let's call it HA for short, shall we?).

Spoiler alert: It turns out that all HA is NOT created equal!

Yup, we're breaking down the science. Ready to level up your knowledge game?

Molecular What Now? 🤔

Alright, skin enthusiasts, it's time to roll up those sleeves and channel your inner scientist! 

When it comes to HA, you may have heard terms like "molecular weight" (MW) thrown around, but what does the geek-speak really mean? 🤷‍♀️ 

Let's break it down without the jargon!

The Nitty-Gritty of MW 🧬

Molecular weight, or MW for short, is a term that sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie, but it's all about size and structure of a molecule.

Because as it turns out, hyaluronic acid comes in quite a mix of shapes and sizes. 

Remember playing with those building blocks as a kid? If a molecule were a building, the MW would represent the building’s size and the arrangement of the floors. 

And the bottom line is this: Different structures have different effects when you put them on your face.

The Shoe Analogy: Stepping into MW 👟

Imagine you've got a closet filled with shoes for every occasion (dreamy, right?). 

Just as each pair has its purpose, each MW of HA does a different thing. Hold onto your shoe analogy - we’ll be needing it! 

  • Flip-flops: Lightweight, perfect for quick errands or the beach. Like ultra-low MW HA, they're designed to sink deep and quickly. They're not here for surface-level fun, oh no! They plunge right into the deeper layers of your skin, giving it that profound hydration it often craves.

  • Running Shoes: Perfectly balanced for day-to-day activities. This is your low MW HA. It doesn’t sink as deep as the flip-flops, but it's there, ensuring the mid-layers of your skin don’t feel left out and get their dose of moisture.

  • High Heels: Gorgeous, standing tall, and noticeable. Much like the high MW HA, they stay more on the surface. They’re not about deep penetration but about ensuring that the outermost layer of your skin feels loved, smooth, and plush.

But Why Does MW Matter? 🤓

Here's where the real magic (and science) happens! 

Different layers of our skin have different thirst levels. The deepest layers might feel like they've trekked through a desert, parched and dry. They need rapid, deep hydration. 

The middle layers? They’re like your average Joe on a hot day—thirsty, but not dying for a drink. 

And the surface? It's all about holding onto that moisture and ensuring it doesn't vanish into thin air.

So, when you choose a serum with multiple MWs of HA, you’re making sure every part of your skin, from the deep caverns to the sunny surfaces, is sipping on that hydration cocktail. 

And trust us, your skin will throw a little thank-you party in the form of that radiant glow!

TL;DR: MW is not just sci-fi jargon—it's the secret sauce behind why some products make your skin say, "YAAAS!" and others, well... not so much.

The Fab Five 🖐

Before we move on, a total shameless brag! 

Hylunaric’s hyaluronic acid serum (or Hylunaric Acid Serum, if you prefer 😉) boasts a cocktail of FIVE distinct MWs of HA. 

In a world where everyone else (no, really - literally everyone else) stops at just ONE type, we think that kinda makes us overachievers.

Now, if you're wondering why that’s good news for you and your skin, here are the five different types of hyaluronic acid you’ll find in our Hylunaric serum.

1: Sodium Hyaluronate (ultra-low MW)

This ultra-low MW champ is like the marathon runner of the HA family, racing past the superficial and making tracks straight for your skin's deeper layers. 

But why, you ask? Let’s take a moisture-filled journey.

Why is Sodium Hyaluronate a Big Deal? 🥇

Okay, remember our shoe analogy? If Sodium Hyaluronate (let’s call it SH for simplicity’s sake) were a shoe, it would be the cleats of a professional diver – sleek, nimble, and designed for depth. 

It has a smaller, more agile molecular structure (thanks to its ultra-low MW) than its big siblings in the HA family. This means it has the agility to navigate through the dense forest of your skin cells and hydrate the hard-to-reach layers.

Beneath The Surface: The Real Magic ✨

The skin, as you might recall, is structured in multiple layers. 

Now, the outer layers have their share of hydration heroes. But the deeper layers? They often get neglected. 

Enter SH. By having the ability to penetrate deeper, SH ensures these thirsty cells aren't left high and dry. It acts like a microscopic sponge, soaking up moisture and holding it within these layers.

Why Should You Care? 🤷‍♀️

Well, superficial hydration is fab – it gives you that instant dewy look. But for lasting skin health, and that 'woke up like this' glow, you need hydration that works at every level. 

When the foundation (or in this case, the deeper layers) is taken care of, the surface shines brighter and feels plumper.

Also, by hydrating the deeper layers, SH supports skin elasticity and suppleness, combatting the early signs of aging. 

Yup, those pesky fine lines don’t stand a chance!

2 & 3: Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans & Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid (both low MW)

Just when you thought we'd reached peak hydration—and peak word length!—we meet the wonder twins of the HA realm: Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans (let's nickname these HGG) and Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid (HHA for the win!). 

These two are the unsung heroes for the mid-layers of your skin. But what's all the buzz about?

When Depth Meets Surface: The Balancing Act 🎭

Remember our marathon runner, Sodium Hyaluronate, diving deep? 

Now, imagine HGG and HHA as those all-star midfielders in a soccer match. Not quite at the goals, but playing a crucial role in controlling the game's flow. They operate in that sweet spot, the space just below the skin’s surface - where real magic happens.

The Science Behind the Sneakers 🧪👩‍🔬

Both HGG and HHA, with their low molecular weights, are like the Goldilocks of hydration - not too deep, not too superficial, but just right

They have a knack for navigating through the tight spaces between skin cells in the mid-layers, ensuring those cells are brimming with moisture.

HGG is especially fascinating. As a primary component of skin's connective tissue, it naturally binds with water, giving skin that youthful, bouncy feel. Imagine it as your skin's personal water tank, constantly refilling to keep everything lush and hydrated.

HHA, on the other hand, is a version of HA that’s been, well, hydrolyzed. 

This process breaks down the molecule, making it small enough to sneak into those mid-layers, yet large enough to provide sustained hydration. It's like having a slow-drip watering system for a plant – ensuring consistent moisture without drowning it.

Why the Mid-Layer Love? ❤️

That glowing skin you envy on your favorite celebs? It’s not just about surface hydration.

 The mid-layers, when well-moisturized, provide a robust foundation for the outer skin. This means fewer wrinkles, more elasticity, and a radiance that’s more than skin deep.

4: Tremella Fuciformis Polysaccharide (medium MW)

If you’ve ever rocked a pair of ankle boots, you know the transformative power they pack. They aren’t just a statement piece; they’re the support your feet didn’t know they needed. 

Now, translate that oomph and assurance to your skin with Tremella Fuciformis Polysaccharide (TFP for short, because whoa, that's a mouthful!). This medium MW marvel is all about striking the perfect balance in hydration.

Ankle Boots in a Serum? Tell Me More! 💁‍♀️

Alright, after our deep-diving Sodium Hyaluronate and our midfield maestros HGG and HHA, where does TFP fit in? 

Think of it as the bridge between the depths of your skin and its surface. Just as ankle boots give you height without the teeter of stilettos, TFP hydrates without over-saturating.

The Science of Support 📚🔍

TFP is derived from the Tremella mushroom, and if you're thinking "Mushrooms? For my face?", hold onto your hats! This isn't your average fungi. 

Tremella mushrooms have been a beauty secret in East Asia for centuries. And for a good reason!

This medium MW champion can hold almost 500 times its weight in water. Now, think about that for a second. That's like a sponge soaking up a small ocean and then time-releasing it into your skin. 

It ensures that the upper-middle layers (which often get neglected by the usual serums that contain only one MW) receive consistent, balanced hydration.

Why the Upper-Middle Matters 🌅

This region is like the suburbs of your skin—a buffer between the bustling city surface and the quiet, deep countryside. It’s a transitional zone that needs a unique kind of love. 

And that's where TFP shines. By maintaining hydration here, it creates a seamless gradient of moisture from deep within to the outermost layer. This means fewer fine lines and a skin texture smoother than silk.

5: Hyaluronic Acid (high MW)

Now, if TFP is that stylish ankle boot, think of HA as that chunky, warm winter boot you reach for when the weather turns frosty. It's the protective layer that doesn't just look good but feels oh-so-good too. 

But how does this tie in with our skin?

The Surface Sentinel: Why HA? 🛡️

While our previous players have been diving deep or playing midfield, HA is our goalkeeper. 

Its high molecular weight means it's too big to penetrate deep into the skin. But that's not a flaw, it's a feature! Instead of diving, it sits gloriously on top, forming a protective barrier that locks in all that precious moisture we’ve been layering underneath.

The Science Behind The Shield 🧪🔬

Let’s get nerdy for a second. High MW HA has this fab capability to hold a massive amount of water relative to its size. It grabs onto moisture from the environment, trapping it and forming a dewy, protective shield. 

This not only ensures your skin looks radiant but also combats external aggressors like pollution and dry air.

Top Layer = Top Priority 🌬️

The skin's surface is its first line of defense. It's what faces the cold winds, the scorching sun, and that smoggy city air. 

By having a robust, moisturizing barrier like HA, you're essentially giving your skin a comfy winter coat and boot combo, guarding it from the elements. It ensures your skin’s top layer remains bouncy, soft, and oh-so-touchable.

Wrapping It Up With a Bow 🎀

Skincare is personal, darlings. And it's about choosing what resonates with your unique needs. Your skin is an adventure, a journey, a story—and with our multi-MW HA serum, you're ensuring it's a best-seller!

So, next time you dab on that serum, know that it's not just skincare—it's self-love. ❤️✨

With love and luminescence,

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